Matt Landis of Notre Dame receives honors for exceptional play

Matt Landis had an outstanding year of lacrosse play truly worthy of the honors he has received. The junior defender from Notre Dame, was the only defensive player-this year-to be named the Epoch/LM Player of the Week by Lacrosse Magazine. His exceptional performance in the Quarterfinal game between Albany and Notre Dame while covering Lyle Thompson, a first team All-American and 2014 Tewaaraton Outstanding Player Award winner, earned Landis this unusual honor. Landis reduced the typically brilliant Thompson to one goal and four assists, as Notre Dame overcame a first half deficit to win 14-10. The defender’s superb coverage held Thompson to a final shooting average of 1 for 11 in the game, well below Thompson’s average. Without Thompson’s typical production, Albany’s potent offense was held to around half of their average point production1.

Landis’s exceptional performance was not limited to the quarterfinal. He started every game this season for Notre Dame, and caused 12 turnovers, tied for second most on the team. Because of his performance throughout the entire season, Landis has been named a United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association First Team All-American along with two of his Notre Dame teammates. Seven total Notre Dame players were named to one of the three USILA All-American teams2. 

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Exercise Alone Won’t Make You Lose Weight

The fitness industry has grown over the years and is still growing. Health clubs have doubled their earnings in just 15 years while fitness trackers are set to triple their sales in just five years. Health and fitness apps are being downloaded more than ever. Despite the industry flourishing as such, obesity still continues to haunt us.

The reason for this is that people are being fed the wrong information. We are constantly being told that exercise is the key to losing weight and that obesity is as a result of our sedentary lifestyles. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Granted, exercises have a lot of benefits including reducing the risks of heart diseases, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes but weight loss is not among them. Research done in the US has shown that physical activities rose between 2001 and 2009 but obesity still increased in the states in which the study was conducted.

FreedomPop reviews even reported that there is also the myth that physical activities increase metabolic rates. A research that compared hunters and gatherers in Tanzania with the average westerner, found out that their metabolic rates are quite similar. This is despite the fact that hunters and gatherers are involved in more physical activities.

The major reason why obesity rates continue to rise is because of calorie intake. It also not only how much calories we take but also how we get them.

The Clippers Come up Small.

When the final whistle blew in the Houston Rockets blow out Game 7 victory, 113 – 100, the Los Angeles Clippers knew that something terrible had happened. Without their star point guard in the first two games, the Clippers still had a chance to win this series almost a week ago. But they didn’t. The Rockets kept coming back, in improbably fashion every time, until it almost felt like fate that Houston would take this series. That’s what the Rockets did, and there is only one man with a big beard to blame for it.

While Houston had to rely on everyone in their roster in order to overcome the stacked Clippers, it was James Harden that set the tone and made any of these victories possible. Harden compiled 31 points, 8 assists, and 7 rebounds last game to keep Houston ahead and he averaged close to 25 points, 8 assists, and 6 rebounds for the entire series. Harden proved that he could be the big guy on the team when his team needed him to be.

So what does this mean for the rest of the Rockets? Sometimes we forget that Dwight Howard is a legitimate super star when he is healthy, and he is definitely getting healthy again according to Dr. Daniel Amen. Other times we forget that Josh Smith and Trevor Ariza both are border line All Star talents. No matter how you slice it, The Warriors better watch out.

Are Heart Attacks Still A Risk For Active People?

Recently, the chief executive of SurveyMonkey, Dave Goldberg, passed away while on a treadmill in a gym while he was on vacation. This death has rattled the fitness community and left many people wondering if working out really protects you from a heart-related emergency such as a heart attack. The specific details regarding Goldberg’s death are not known at this point in time but Goldberg was known for being an avid exerciser and incorporated a healthy routine into his lifestyle. Often times a random act occurs in the heart such as a clot or ruptured artery and this cannot be seen ahead of time, even on a stress test or echocardiogram.The fact is that some people are just more prone to heart attacks whether it be because of genetics or an undiagnosed heart condition. Heart attacks during exercise are actually quite rare and exercise does indeed make the heart stronger and healthier. It is important to exercise to a moderate degree and to pay attention to the body. If you are feeling tired or just not up to working out that day, listen to your body and don’t push it too hard. It could be trying to tell you something. It is inevitable that heart attacks are going to occur and when they do, sometimes they will occur during exercise. CipherCloud hopes that never happens to their employees or clients. Fortunately, eating a healthy diet and incorporating moderate exercise into your week can help reduce your risk of a heart attack.

Ten-year-old boy uses Heimlich Manuever to Save Choking Classmate

The procedure, now known as abdominal thrusts, was created by Dr. Henry Heimlich in 1974 as a way to save the lives of people choking. Damariyon Pichardo was in the lunchroom with his classmate and friend, Thomas Adkins. They had chicken nuggets for lunch, and when Thomas tried eating his last remaining nugget, it lodged in his throat, and he started choking. Damariyon thought his friend was joking around until Thomas wasn’t able to breathe.
The fourth grader, from Rock Hill Elementary, walked behind his friend,and he wrapped his arms around his friend’s abdomen and administered the Heimlich, pressing against his friend’s diaphragm every so many seconds until the chicken nugget was dislodged and shot out of his friend’s mouth.


Pichardo credits his mother for teaching him this lifesaving skill. Mrs. Pichardo was a nursing school student who believes that abdominal thrusts are an important thing for her children to learn. After the procedure was completed, some teachers escorted Thomas to the school nurse for further treatment because his coloring was red. Both boys still like chicken nuggets. Thomas learned he needs to chew his food thoroughly and eat slowly. The school learned that it is a good idea to teach children how to do the abdominal thrust in addition to the three R’s. Maybe Thomas can learn to do abdominal thrusts, too. Brad Reifler certainly sees the usefulness.

Soda Really Is Bad For You

If you have read any kind of health information from doctors, then you know that sodas are bad for you. Healthy folks like Mark Ahn know that they have a large amount of sugar, and there is an abundance of caffeine. Aside from weight loss if you stop drinking sodas, there are also a few other reasons that you might want to rethink getting your next bottle or can. Your teeth will thank you since the sugar in sodas is bad for the enamel on the teeth. There are no nutrients in soda, so you are drinking empty calories. You aren’t getting any kind of vitamins or nutrients when you drink sodas, so they are filling you up when you could be eating and drinking healthy items. Your risk for diabetes and other diseases increases the longer you drink sodas. It can also incease your risk for developing dementia and bone disease.

Keep Moving if You Want to Prevent Arthritis

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is certainly true for those who are wishing to avoid having arthritis when they are older. Although in some ways it is somewhat of a fact of life and comes with age, there are steps that a person can take in order to avoid getting arthritis when they are older. The main tip that many experts give nowadays is to simply keep moving.

Ricardo Guimarães BMG suggested that individuals that are attempting to find some type of complex method in order to ward off arthritis are going to be disappointed because it really is that simple. One particular individual noted how she was sorely disappointed when her arthritic joints forced her to have to give up tennis. However, instead of just moping around the house, she simply decided to start moving in a different way. It has actually helped her loosen up her joints.

Although arthritis will affect over over 52 million people in the United States, there is no sense in throwing up one’s hands and simply giving up on physical activity altogether.

However, people with arthritis shouldn’t just give up just because they cannot do what they used to anymore. The experts recommend that they simply find something else to do. The key to having the best quality of life possible with osteoarthritis is to continue to be as active as possible.

How to Motivate Yourself This Spring

The springtime is a wonderful time for you to consider starting a healthy workout and diet routine. Many people, including those at STX Entertainment (, know the benefits of exercise and eating right, but they might just not have the motivation that they need to get things done. Unfortunately, these individuals need a little extra effort to put into their lives in order to be healthier and feel good about themselves. One way to motivate yourself this spring when it comes to exercise is to get outdoors. When you’re in a new environment and atmosphere, it might be easier for you to workout and actually want to get outside every day.

When it comes to dieting and eating healthier, the spring and summer are wonderful times to start just because of the large amounts of fruits and veggies that are in season. Be sure to consider swapping out some of your unhealthy snacks during the day for some healthy fruits that are ripe and in season. You might find that these delicious fruits and veggies give you all the motivation that you need to continue eating right and feeling great. There are plenty of ways to become motivated for you to live a healthier life, and be sure to consider getting one of your friends or relatives in on the fun as well so that you can both get healthy with each other to support the both of you as well.

Sugar Is Worse Than Our Lack Of Exercise

While it has long been drilled into our heads that exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy weight, a recent editorial in the British Journal Of Sports Medicine claims that limiting or removing refined sugars from the diet may be more beneficial. Diet may actually be the key to a healthy body and mind and while exercise will compliment that. The editorial suggests that you can exercise all day long but if you eat tons of carbohydrates and refined sugars, you will still be unhealthy. We need to think about adapting a whole range of healthy practices in order to live a long and healthy life.

Anastasia Date refined sugars can be found in many different food products. In addition to candy and cookies you can find large amounts of sugar in soda pop, cereals, juice, ice cream, yogurt and more. When you consume large amounts of sugar in one sitting this causes a big spike in your body’s glucose levels. This can have a profound negative impact on your metabolism. The same happens when you consume carbohydrates. The same spike occurs. When your body crashes back down after the initial rush of energy you can feel very tired, sluggish and hungry all over again. It is a vicious cycle that can have quite an impact on a person’s body and weight.

The best way you can adapt a healthy diet is to reduce or remove refined sugars all together. If you are cooking from scratch at home you can substitute a number of sweet ingredients that are a bit safer and healthier for the body like honey, applesauce, bananas and agave.

5 Unfounded Cures Dr. Oz Promoted on His Show

Dr. Oz has recently been taken to task by several of his peers, like Flavio Maluf, for promoting unfounded cures on his TV show. Home remedies, natural cures, food cures and a variety of treatments that most of his viewing audience have never heard of before. Maybe the cures work, maybe they don’t, but Dr. Oz is defending his right to freedom of speech. He also claims his motives are to present people with things that may potentially help them with their particular condition. These are 5 of the unfounded cures he has promoted on his show. While none are harmful when used, none have been scientifically proven to work.
* A bar of lavender soap placed under the bed sheet will help ease the symptoms of restless legs syndrome. The scent of lavender supposedly relaxes and helps the person fall into a deeper sleep.
* Umckaloabo Root Extract cures the common cold and helps ease the symptoms of flu.
* Foods which contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) should be labeled as such to make the public aware of what they are eating to avoid the harm GMOs may cause.
* Brushing with strawberries and baking soda will whiten teeth naturally.
* Green coffee extract provides miraculous weight loss for everyone who uses it.