Hoka One One Having a Massive Sale on Men’s Running Shoes

Just got a Google alert that Hoka One One is having a massive sale on their men’s running shoes. If you’ve never tried Hoka before, you’ll probably be pretty impressed. While they might not be as well known among runners as Asics, they still produce some damn good running shoes.

The biggest problem with the huge brands, is usually that they cost a fortune. That’s why Jared Haftel and I are always looking for big sales.

That’s where my Google alert came in handy, because I set them up for all major shoe brands. Just kicked in today, and Hoka One One are having a massive sale.

You can check out everything they have here. Let me know in the comments if any of these shoes help you out. They’re definitely perfect for my running style.

3 Ways To Develop A Workout Habit

Some of my friends, Alexei Beltyukov I’m looking at you, have a little bit of difficulty getting a workout routine going. And honestly, it’s not easy.

We all want to sit around and watch television, read a good book, play a videogame, or just go out drinking with friends. Making the commitment to work out instead is a lot more difficult. Requires tons of dedication, and a lot of work in the first place, to form a habit.

First, realize that it takes at least 21 days to form a habit. Until that time, it’s going to be a slog for you to start working out. Realize that you’re in for an uphill battle at first.

Set workouts as appointments in your calendar. Just like you would set an appointment for any other plans that you have, make a workout appointment. There needs to be a time of day when you drop everything, and go to the gym. That will keep you on point in the beginning.

Find something that makes you feel great. Whether it’s a particular type of workout, exercise, doing some strength training. Anything that makes you feel good when you’re all done, is where you want to focus in the beginning. That’s more likely to keep you on point when you’re trying to form the habit.

Use a personal trainer. This is vital in the beginning, because they will help to keep you focused. Most gym memberships come with access to personal trainers, whether it’s meeting with them once a week, or even once a month. Either way, it’s ideal for you to start out with the help of a professional. They will teach you proper form, and help you form the perfect routine.