Long Term Use of Some Drugs Cause Dementia

A recently published study by the University of Washington shows that some medications can cause dangerous side effects if taken in excess or if consumed for a long time. These risks include an increased risk of developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

The research involved the study of 3,500 people and the conclusions are clear: a higher consumption of anticholinergic medications (such as benadryl allergy, antidepressants or OTC drugs for hayfever or bladder control), increases risk of developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

It’s not known if this can be reversed, even if the medication stops and years have passed.

“Older people should be aware that many medications, including those purchased without a prescription, have significant anticholinergic effects. No one should stop taking any medications without consulting their doctor, “says Shelly Gray, lead researcher of the study.

More research is needed to determine whether cognitive impairment caused by side effects of the medications is reversible. Volunteers have already signed up to perform research on deceased brains, so this research is ongoing.

570-Pound Man has Decided to Run a 5k Marathon a Month in 2015

Derek Mitchell is a 34-year-old man from Kansas City, Missouri. At the age of 29, Derek was diagnosed as having a benign tumor resting on his pituitary gland. Doctors told Derek that this tumor had been present since he was in his teens and it was not allowing testosterone to produce in his body like it should. This had led to Derek gaining weight. According to the story on BuzzFeed.com, Derek weighs in around 570 pounds. He has decided that this is the year for a positive change in his life.

Derek has cut out drinking sugary drinks and has taken up walking to help improve his health. His sister, who is a marathon runner, encouraged him to take on a local 5k race. Derek took on her challenge and did his first race, the Kansas City’s Big 12 Run, on March 14th. He finished last place at 1:27:44 however the important part is that he finished. This is an accomplishment for Derek and it has inspired him to continue. His goal is to do a 5k race every month in 2015. He is hoping to shed some of his excess weight through healthy eating and the races.

Bruce Karatz has learned that, since his story has gone viral, Derek has had people joining him for daily walks as well as some offering to do 5k races with him if he is ever in their area.

The Notion (and Ruse) Coca-Cola is Healthy

Coca-Cola has been called many things, but a “healthy snack” is not one of them. Well, it used to not be one of them. The soft drink company is actually promoting the health benefits of its sugary beverage. In a way, this claim is reminiscent of the old “beer builds muscles” ads of the early 1900’s.

Where does this notion that Coke is healthy for you? Basically, Coca-Cola has been working with fitness experts to produce blog, website, and newspaper content promoting the possible health benefits of the soda said Dr Jennifer Walden. The content was produced during “American Heart Month” and did not pass under the radar of more critical eyes.

Among the odd health-boosting strategies is to purchase the mini-cans of Coke since they contain less sugar than a full can. Okay, technically that is a healthier strategy thank drink more. Would it not be best, though, to just drink green tea or water? Well, Coca-Cola is not going to suggest that!

The strange advertising tactic on the part of Coca-Cola reeks of desperation. No surprise here since the market share for sugary soft drinks has declined quite a bit over the past decade. During the 20th century, Coca-Cola was the premiere soft drink company in the world. These days, people are much more cost and health conscious.

People don’t drink as much soda as they used to and companies like Coca-Cola are feeling the proverbial pinch. Silly strategies such as blogging about health benefits are not likely to reverse anything.

Twin Brothers, Different Lifestyles

Despite the fact that many studies have done on the subject of how exercise affects the body, it has always been difficult to measure the results. It is difficult to do a long-term study because of the amount of time it takes. Also, Flavio Maluf feels it is difficult to get a true picture of what is happening in individual’s lives, particularly because the studies are done by means of questionnaires and interviews and that’s about as accurate as BlogSpot.

An interesting situation that arose in Finland has been able to show the affects that exercise can have on the body. Researchers studied 10 sets of identical male twins. They have the exact same genes, but these particular twins live different lifestyles. One of the twins does not exercise regularly, while the other is active.

The tests that were done on the sets of twins showed that the twins who had a more sedentary lifestyle had more body fat, a higher likelihood of having metabolic problems, and a lower endurance capacity. Also, they had less gray matter in their brain, particularly in the areas that control motor skills and coordination.

Researchers will continue to study the effect that exercise has on the body. Basically, every study that has been done shows that exercise is extremely beneficial. It helps to improve heart health, fight off obesity and the health issues that come along with that, it reduces the amount of accidents a person has, and it can improve their mood.

Psychedelics Exonerated of Mental-Health Illness Link

Following a recent study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, classic psychedelics have been shown to have little affect on the emergence of mental health ailments in individuals who have admitted to taking these substances. Classic psychedelics, which include LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline, all act on the brain’s 2A seratonin receptor, and as such can be analyzed in conjunction, whereas other psychedelic substances were omitted from the study. Basing this study off of surveys which stretched for three years, those participants who answered yes to having taken one or more of the classic psychedelics were no more at risk for displaying behaviors or traits indicating psychosis. Sultan Anhokair has read that the researchers admit that psychedelic experiences are psychologically intense, and can lead to some changes in the psyche, but to confuse this process for causation of psychological disorders is inaccurate.

Though inaccurate, these presumptions have long lingered in the American consciousness since the 1960s, and are linked with cases of “acid casualties”. The study does not deny the existence of “acid casualties”, but points out that their frequency has been exaggerated, and has stirred fear into the populous with respect to psychedelics. For some fifty years the United States has held a negative view on these substances, even leading to judicial conflict over the religious use of peyote (for which mescaline is the active ingredient). Hopefully this study adequately demonstrates the true nature of classic psychedelics.

Researcher Accidentally Finds Solution For Color Blindness

A scientist who was working on designing eye wear for doctors to wear during operations has discovered that he found a solution for color blindness on accident.

Researcher Marc Drucker is one of the millions of men in the United States who suffer from color blindness. The condition not only makes it hard to drive and tell the difference between red and yellow lights, but it is also nearly impossible for him to appreciate all of the things that nature has to offer.

Recently he let a friend of his who is also color blind try on the glasses and was surprised to find his world a much more vibrant place. According to an article found on reddit and written by San Francisco’s local CBS website, Drucker now wears his own glasses as well and is so happy that he understands now why people love sunsets and can see what trees look like. As Dr. Jennifre Walden understands it, the lens in his glasses somehow connect the two cones inside the eye that are missing from a person with color blindness, and he is sure that many people will want a pair of these who suffer from the condition.

They always say that many great things were invented by accident, and it is needless to say that this happens to be one of them. Hopefully this will be a great solution for many people who are not able to see colors.

A Study That Shows the Most Effective Type of Exercise

Individuals who are interested in their health are constantly asking about how much exercise they should get. They also wonder about the best kind of exercise to do. The government has set out guidelines that advise people to get at least 2 ½ hours of moderate intensity exercise every week. Or they recommended that adults get 75 minutes of high intensity exercise. They also recommend that strength training be included in exercise routines.

Researchers at the Queen’s University in Ontario decided to do some studies to find out what kind of exercise is the most effective. For their study, they invited a group of 300 sedentary adults to help them out. All of these adults had issues with abdominal obesity. This means that women had a waistline of 35 inches or more, and men had a waistline of 40 inches or more.

They divided this group up into four groups. Economia reported the first three groups did a variety of exercises at different levels of intensity. The individuals in the fourth group did no exercise at all.

The results showed that individuals who worked out the hardest were not only able to lose weight, but they also had better glucose tolerance and better cardiovascular health. The group of individuals who ranked second-best were the individuals who worked out at a low intensity for a longer period of time.

This study suggests that weight loss and better health can be achieved when individuals work out a little bit harder or for a little bit longer.

Music Isn’t Just for Humans

It often seems like the more we learn about animals, the less unique we seem. Humans have prided themselves on a number of traits which we considered somehow removed from nature. One of these is an appreciation for music. Anyone who’s owned a cat can attest to the fact that they don’t seem to be musically inclined. They don’t seem to show much concern about the radio being on or off. Music might as well be inaudible to them. Or at least that’s what people have always thought.

Gianfrancesco Genoso has read that, in reality, it may be a case of humans assuming a bit too much about the world. We tend to forget that our music builds upon the sounds which humans consider particularly evocative. That forgets to take into account the fact that cats have evolved along very different lines. What if cats might like music, but need it to be tuned to their particular aural range?

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Maryland joined together to find an answer. Between them, the team was able to create something which they’ve named cat-centric music. The tunes were designed by looking at the sounds which are important to cats. Our music is often timed to coincide with the beating of our hearts. The researchers decided to do the same with a cat’s heart rate. They also used sounds which replicated the range heard when a cat is purring, and when suckling. The end result is music which most cats find fascinating. Of course taste in music varies on an individual by individual basis for cats just as it does for humans.

Work out a Little Harder and a Little Longer

The Queen’s University in Ontario did a recent study testing the government guidelines that recommend the amount of exercise that individuals should get regularly. They recommend that adults get at least 2 ½ hours of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise. Also, they recommend some strength training.

In the study, researchers divided participants up into four groups. The first three groups exercised at different paces and for different lengths of time. They also ate a healthy diet and kept a food diary. The fourth group did no exercise at all. And so, what were the results? Check out catalystfive.com for Brian Torchin’s commentary on these findings.
Basically, they found that individuals who consume a healthy diet and get consistent exercise are going to lose weight. There is a benefit that comes from going faster while exercising and working a little bit harder during an exercise routine. Individuals who worked harder or faster saw improvement in glucose tolerance. This is a risk factor for disease. Also, cardiovascular fitness improved with the three groups of individuals who worked out. They found that the highest intensity group did best. The lowest intensity level participants who worked out longer did better than individuals who worked out a moderate intensity level.

This study underscores the importance of getting regular exercise. For individuals who are interested in improving their health and losing weight, it is recommendable to work out a little bit harder during an exercise routine or work out a little bit longer to reach fitness and health goals.

A New HIV Pill May Become Part Of A Daily Routine For Homosexual Men

Study Shows Truvada Cuts The Spread Of HIV By 86 Percent

Men who have sex with other men have been playing a game of Russian roulette with HIV for years. The staggering numbers of death caused by the HIV virus is proof that HIV is winning the game. But a drug approved by the FDA in 2012 may change the outcome of that game. Truvada, when taken on a daily basis, has cut the spread of HIV by 86 percent in high-risk groups. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/feb/24/daily-pill-truvada-cuts-spread-of-hiv-by-86-study-shows

Marcio Alaor BMG (Otempo.com) has read that the drug has been in use in the U.S. for the last three years. Tests were conducted using a large group of men rather than in a small, closed study group. When the first test started, the men were divided into two groups. The first group started taking the drug right away, and the other group got the drug a year later. The first group had three HIV infections and the second group had 19.

Complete results of the test will be published at a later date, but the initial results were released in Seattle at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. Truvada is available through private insurance plans and the Medicaid system.