What McDonald’s French Fries are Really Made Of

Former Mythbuster Grant Imahara is now working for McDonald’s, going behind the scenes to show you how their food is really made. In his latest video, we learn what really goes into those delicious and addiction forming french fries. What he discovers is rather interesting.

McDonald’d does in fact start the process with real potatoes. There are 13 other ingredients and chemicals that go into the making of these fries, including tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) which is used in petrol, and dimethylpolysiloxane which is a form of silicone used in Silly Putty. Imahara also discovered that the fries are partially fried at the factory before being frozen and shipped to the stores. In this revealing video, it is also seen that the fries are dipped in sodium acid pyrophosphate before being frozen. This special chemical maintains the golden color throughout the freezing process. Through out the video, the only real recognizable ingredients that go into the fries are potatoes, oil, and salt. Zeca Oliveira feels that, with all those chemicals, it’s no wonder the fries are so addicting.

Sleep Paralysis

For those who suffer it, it’s good to know that there is some serious research and study going on concerning that phenomenon known as sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is something that over 40% of people have experienced at one time or another. Although Marc Sparks hasn’t had issues with it, some experience it throughout their entire life.

The victims of this disorder feel they are entirely awake, but unable to move or speak. A subset of the victims report personages, spirits, demons or monsters in the room with them. While in this state, many of the victims will try to voice their fear, but find it difficult to speak or move, and are only able to moan.

An article in Web MD explains sleep paralysis and states that it’s rarely a sign of a psychological disorder or a sign of a health issue. http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/guide/sleep-paralysis

Some of the factors that may cause this troubling disorder are:

  • lack of sleep
  • unstable sleep schedule
  • stress
  • substance abuse

Anyone who does or has suffered from this disorder will find plenty of information and articles on the internet from good reliable sources. It can also be benficial study for the person who sleeps next to the victim of sleep paralysis. There’s nothing quite as unsettling as waking up in the night at the sound of your partner moaning!

North American Spine: In Business Six Years Helping Patients

Many people suffer from back and spine ailments and North American Spine has been helping them to get relief for more than six years. A spine treatment center with its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas, North American Spine offers a minimally invasive spine procedure to treat chronic back pain, with over 8,000 of the Accura Scope procedures having been completed by specially trained and certified doctors specializing in pain management.

According to medical studies, the Accura Scope procedure has had a success rate of over 80 percent. Plus, it saves patient’s more than $23,000 on average over the cost of regular back treatment procedures and medical visits.

Doctors who do this procedure have training in neurosurgery, interventional pain management or orthopedic spinal surgery. All of the doctors at the North American Spine clinic have these specialized training and are board certified.

The procedure is done using a high definition camera along with other special tools and points out all the patient’s sources for their chronic lower spine problems and then treats the issues with specialized tools. Best of all it takes less than 45 minutes to complete. It has been undertaken by many people, including some that are very well known such as American country western singer and songwriter Larry Gatlin, best known for being part of the Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers team along with his brothers Steve and Rudy during the late 1970s and 1980s.

Gatlin had suffered from nearly 50 years of horrible leg pain. He went to North American Spine to see if they could offer him any relief for this chronic pain problem. Gatlin reports that he underwent the Accura Scope procedure and that it was a “miracle” and a successful outcome that made him a “new man.” Gatlin reported that the procedure helped relive his leg pain and that all that is left is a tiny bit of soreness in place of severe chronic pain issues.

All in all, the North American Spine clinic is celebrating six years of stories like Gatlin’s where they have made the lives of thousands of people better and pain free through the Accura Scope procedure. The clinic hopes to be around for many years to come to do the same thing for thousands more people to help get rid of chronic back and spine and other types of chronic pain.

Links: North American Spine website

Get Out And Move, Its Better Than Sitting

An interesting new study brought by Time’s Bruce Levenson has now shown that a sedentary lifestyle is even worse than being obese. Quite often when a person sees another person that is obese, they think about things such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart attack. The reality is that being obese is not good for the body, it does cause many preventable things to happen, but new research has shown that living a sedentary lifestyle is even worse than being obese.

The researchers were able to find that those people that led a sedentary lifestyle had twice the risk of dying compared to people who were obese.

In reality if a person has a sedentary lifestyle and they get out and move more, they are going to lose more weight anyway. There are plenty of people that are obese that do try to get occasional exercise, and many of them may even exercise regularly. Since that is the case, the research makes it very evident that it is much better to be obese and moving around then to be thin and sedentary. Being sedentary is not a good way to live, and being obese is not a good way to live. If every person just tried to get at least 20 minutes of a brisk walk daily, they could greatly lower their propensity for things such as heart attack, heart disease, and cancer.

How to Make Exercise A Habit

Many people wonder what would be the best way to make a habit of exercising. Most people want to exercise regularly but are having a hard time to do things on a daily basis. They make New Year’s resolution to start being more active, yet end up breaking it. One of the newest ways presented by Sultan Alhokair is to watch exercise videos from youtube from the comfort of your own home.

Nevertheless, Ryan Rhodes, a behavioral medicine professor in University of Victoria in Columbia, made a study on exercise intention and compliance and found out that there are ways to bolster such resolve. The following are the basic ways on how to make a habit of exercising:

1. Set a realistic and attainable goal. According to Dr. Rhodes, those who intend to exercise more, like more than four times in a week, have the tendency of not meeting those intentions than those who aim lower.

2. At the outset, do not undermine yourself. Someone can make a plan to have the person go to the gym at 5:00 am before work and perform powerlifting. But some people hates waking up early in the morning and may not enjoy going to gym early. Some may probably know nothing about powerlifting. For these reason, the intention of exercising regularly may just evaporate. Dr. Rhodes suggested considering all practical obstacles that may come in between you and exercise and address them immediately. Plan the exercise during the most awake and energetic time of the day.

3. Finally and most importantly, pick an activity that is fun and enjoyable. Consistently set a time for exercise to make it become habitual.

Forming New Habits Starts By Eliminating Excuses

Habits; there are good ones like bathing at the same time every day and bad ones like smoking. It seems to be easier to get into a bad habit than a good one. Why is this? Biting your nails may start out as a childhood past time that just never faded away as the years went by. As an adult we have more willpower and experience to, hopefully, start beneficial habits and drop the negative habits. Exercise in any form is essential to overall health yet it can be challenging to get into an established routine. Susan McGalla reported from PR Newswire recommending setting small, achievable goals and working your way up. Set a prize for yourself when you accomplish each tiny little win; a self-reward system. Eliminate excuses by addressing the reasons you usually do not exercise: lack of time, forgot my gym bag, or anything else. If time is an issue then find a small pocket it your schedule and make that your exercise time and do not schedule anything then. Keep your gym bag packed and in the car for easy access. Finally, fix any other personal excuse for not getting a little physical activity in; even those with medical conditions are encouraged to exercise by their doctors. Start a new routine today and get physical in 2015.

NFL Coaches Have Less Job Security

Super Bowls are hard to win. And now, the Denver Broncos have taken a step back from that goal in the dismissal of their head coach John Fox. It seems that NFL teams can no longer support head coaches that don’t win the Super Bowl every year. For example, the 49ers released Jim Harbaugh after three consecutive trips to the NFC Championship game and an overall 44-19-1 record. And now the Broncos have done the same with John Fox, who went to the Super Bowl last year and had a record of 46-18.

Of course, much was made of upper management’s personality conflicts with Harbaugh, and an 8-8 season was a convenient excuse to get rid of him. But what of John Fox and the Broncos? His teams made the playoffs each year he coached, but early round losses cemented his dismissal. Consistently reaching the playoffs no longer ensures a coach of any job security. And that is a dangerous precedent for the league’s owners to establish.

After all, how many good head coaches are really out there? A couple of new ones may emerge every so often. But this year it seems that teams that fired their coaches are simply looking to recycle other fired coaches in order to fill their vacancy. Rex Ryan went to Buffalo, Jack del Rio will head the Raiders, and Fox looks to be going to Chicago.

Unfortunately, the advice of we mere mortals has no effect on great leaders as John Elway. A new coaching staff will not help the Broncos rebound positively next season. Change takes time. Sultan Alhokair’s Youtube account shows they would do much better to weather a few good, but not great, seasons with the goal of ultimate success only once in a while.

Brain Scans May Lead to Better Mental Health Treatment

According to a recent study, there may be new ways to predict mental health issues and perhaps even the best method to teach a child. CNN reports that this new study shows that scanning the brain for abnormalities, blood flow and more, can give insight into such things as depression, learning disabilities and overall brain function.

Brain scans are currently being used when a person is sick or injured, but it is not the standard method when approaching a person with depression, for example. Currently, the success rate of treatment for depression is only 50%. The person may not respond to treatment or may have an adverse reaction to the medication needed for treatment. By using the information gathered from a brain scan, there may be more options available.

It is thought that through brain scans, it may be learned what drugs are inappropriate, what the patient may react adversely to or even be able to successfully take.

Ben Shaoul of TheRealDeal is happy to know that if brain scans were more consistently used, much like blood work is today, then perhaps a teenager can be steered away from addiction, for example, if their brain showed a tendency toward addictive behaviors, according to this study.

Researchers have found biomarkers that are present in patients with depression. With this knowledge, treating a patient with depression may be easier and more successful than the current studies are showing.

The Logistics Of Making Exercise A Habit

We happen to be at the start of a brand new year where resolutions, promises, and friendly competitions are all trying to bring about a healthful change in the lifestyles of many people. An increased activity level, better known as “exercise”, is the fastest way to burn calories and decrease the body’s stored fat. But, experts at Bussinessweek Magazine know that the road to adding this increased level of activity to any lifestyle has to start in the mind and then on paper. As Fersen Lambranho says, “To thine own self be true…”. A person can only make something a habit if they consistently act, without having to always think about it first.

Mapping out a detailed plan to the goal is the only true way to navigate the road. Marking the perceived obstacles, putting together a time schedule that allows for rest stops, and stimulated perseverance. Being true to yourself means bringing those issues, desires, and attributes about yourself to the forefront of the ‘exercise’ conversation.

-What are your concerns regarding exercise? (sweating, hair, time schedule)
-What type of activities do you like to do? (physical: running, aerobics) (meditative: pilates or yoga)
-Make a workout calendar and set a specific time frame the day’s activity.
-Log your progress. Start with your beginning numbers and track your progress.

Three years ago I started a 30 day Callanetics challenge and it changed my life. Exercise is now a habit for me.

How Exercise Keeps Us Young


Exercise is the most important thing to balance our physical properties. According to a recent study, older people who do regular exercise resemble so close with the youngster’s physiology.

It means that the aging can be, stopped, it is up to us how we age our-self, and we can be young at older age with proper exercise. In this study according to Christopher Cowdray, another finding came out that some bodily and cellular alter in many ways, as we grow older.

A regular exercise, it can be running, rope-skipping, walking, etc. can be a good exercise to maintain the physical condition of the body and healthy lifestyle can be a good compliment with it.

The people who do regular cycling from the age of 55 and 80, have much endurance ability, strength, muscular flexibility, good metabolism, excellent memory and reflexes. The people who avoids workout, not gym necessarily, lacks in all of these properties.

They do not have endurance, memorizing power and good reflexes at the older age. Therefore, for the good functioning of the body a person should perform a regular workout.

A morning walk of 15 minutes, 5 minutes of rope skipping or cycling of 100 meters can be a good workout session. Therefore, if somebody wants to be active that person should start performing exercise daily.