A New HIV Pill May Become Part Of A Daily Routine For Homosexual Men

Study Shows Truvada Cuts The Spread Of HIV By 86 Percent

Men who have sex with other men have been playing a game of Russian roulette with HIV for years. The staggering numbers of death caused by the HIV virus is proof that HIV is winning the game. But a drug approved by the FDA in 2012 may change the outcome of that game. Truvada, when taken on a daily basis, has cut the spread of HIV by 86 percent in high-risk groups. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/feb/24/daily-pill-truvada-cuts-spread-of-hiv-by-86-study-shows

Marcio Alaor BMG (Otempo.com) has read that the drug has been in use in the U.S. for the last three years. Tests were conducted using a large group of men rather than in a small, closed study group. When the first test started, the men were divided into two groups. The first group started taking the drug right away, and the other group got the drug a year later. The first group had three HIV infections and the second group had 19.

Complete results of the test will be published at a later date, but the initial results were released in Seattle at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections. Truvada is available through private insurance plans and the Medicaid system.

Blind Man Sees For First Time In A Decade

For the first time in 10 years, a man living in Minnesota has been given the gift of sight and can see his wife again. Thanks to the technology of a bionic eye, Allen Zderad, 68, has gotten some of his vision back and it has just made him the happiest man in the whole world. He was just one of a select few on the planet to get to test on this bionic eye which is called a Second Sight Argus II, and a doctor from the Mayo Clinic is the one who put it on him.

According to an article found on reddit and written by CBS news, the robotic eye did not give him his full vision back but they are helping him to at least determine shapes and colors. Two years ago in February is when the FDA approved this device to be used for people who have certain eye diseases and this is not the first time that the bionic eye has made the news. Zeca Oliveira (eleicoes2014.com) recalls that last year a man named Larry Hester got to be another recipient of the device and had very similar results to Allen Zderad.

Hopefully with the invention of devices like this, it can mean there is hope in the future to restore blindness. Technology is helping people in so many ways these days and it has been proven to help people regain their lives that they lost due to illness.

Medical Practices Charging for Things that Once Were Free

The medical world has always had it’s hands deep in their patient’s pockets, and that reach just got deeper. Services that were once free, such as obtaining a copy of your own medical records, patients are now being charged for.

Airlines do it. Appliance manufacturers do it. Banks do it. Cell phone carriers do it. They charge what the public calls ‘hidden fees’ to their customers, often making the alluring promised upfront price little more than a bait-and-switch tactic to get you into their place of business.

The medical community has now followed suit and patients will be surprised at the additional cost of health care. Added costs for billing, administrative fees, obtaining records, receiving emails and phone calls from your doctor and appointment no-shows may be charged to you, making your out-of-pocket medical care expenses rise higher. Jaime Garcia Dias says the difference between the medical community charging you for services that were once free is that they are required by law to let you know up-front about the cost, perhaps even having their patients sign a form stating that they are aware of the additional cost.

Two things doctors still cannot charge for is the amount of time they have to spend responding to requests from your health insurance provider or researching your particular health needs.

Vince McMahon Losing Touch

Sting vs. the Undertaker should of happened instead of Sting vs. Triple H. If the Undertaker is returning at Wrestlemania 31, why is Sting facing Triple H? For the longest time, there were rumors about Sting vs. the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31. Sting finally gets to the WWE, and he is wrestling Triple H. What sense does that make?

Vince McMahon may still be running the show, but I think it’s time for him to step down. He has ruined two major matches so far. The fans wanted to see Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania, and Sting vs the Undertaker. It seems that Vince McMahon is truly out of touch.

Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that Sting vs. the Undertaker at Wrestlemania would have been huge. They have never wrestled each other, and their characters would have been amazing against each other. Instead, we have Sting playing this character of the anti-authority hero. Triple H is a street fighter/ boss of the WWE. The whole thing makes me sick.

Vince McMahon had much more to gain from a Sting vs. Undertaker match. Wrestlemania 31 is shaping up to be a disappointment. What a shame, the WWE was on the right track, but instead they have fallen completely off of the rails. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar will be a terrible match, and if Reigns wins, I might just cancel my WWE subscription.

For more information on the WWE, visit Rollingstone.

Stuart Young and the Antique Wine Company

Mr. Stuart’s roots were firmly planted in sales training and sales experience before he went into the wine business. He got his start in Sales and Sales training while at Laithwaites and its parent company Direct Wines. He then later developed some of his wine knowledge and experience while working there as well. Mr. Stuart later took that knowledge to The Antiques Wine Company.

It wasn’t long after Mr. Stuart joined the Antique Wine Company that the company developed a client base in several different countries and had to double his sales specialists. He was responsible for this happening within the first year and also became responsible for keeping his sales team trained and updated on their growing inventory and clients as AWC continued to expand.

The Antique Wine Company is known as a company that sells the very best, top of the line Fine Wine and Spirits. The company was started a quarter of a century ago by Stephen Williams, their current CEO. The company’s corporate offices are based in London which houses some of the most knowledgeable and experienced wine advisors in Rare and Fine Wine in the world. AWC also has offices all over Asia and throughout the United States. AWC sells fine wine and spirits to some of the very best restaurants, hotels, and private buyers all over the world. Even though the company’s main interest is for older vintages, the company’s products are mostly made up of contemporary vintages which will be the antique wines of the future. Regardless of the vintage of the wine, the company only deals in exceptionally fine wine.

Known worldwide as experts in the fine wine industry, Antiques Wine Company‘s exclusive stock and inventory are highly sought-after by the elite all over the world. The company continues to manage, provide advice and support wine cellars that are in palaces, hotels, châteaux, and upscale, private residences worldwide. In mid-2011 the Antique Wine Company broke the world record for the most valuable and expensive bottle of white wine ever sold the world over. The bottle that was sold was an 1811 bottle of Chateau d’Yquem to Christian Vanneque. The wine was sold for 75,000 pounds-which is approximately $115,650 American dollars. He says he did not buy it to drink right away, but to display in one of his restaurants named the SIP Sunset Grill located in Bali. He does plan to drink the wine someday. He said he did not buy it as an investment, he does not do that. He is a wine connoisseur and plans to drink it eventually.

Can Added Sugar Lessen Your Life?

As required by law, the label that appear on boxes, bottles and cans must provide the consumer the amount of sugar, in grams, within the product. There are some products that are flavored with natural sugars and others need added sugar to arrive at the desired taste that appeals to consumers. Unfortunately for consumers, labeling law don’t stipulate the amount of sugars on the label is added sugar.

Ray Lane read that a source that believed responsible for weight gain in individuals and offering no nutritional value whatsoever are beverages such carbonated drinks such as soda and fruit juices.

Recent research has revealed that carbohydrates contained in sugar-sweetened beverages are likely to cause individuals to still feel hungry after consuming them in comparison to an individual that consumes a solid carbohydrate such as a candy bar. There is concern that sugar may contribute to the onset of type II diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

An individual that consumes a daily sugar-sweetened beverage and not reduce their caloric intake in conjunction with their daily intake of food can expect to gain approximately 10-15 pounds annually.

As with sugar added beverages, many cereals, instant oatmeal and grits and cereals bars contain excessive amounts sugars and flavors. Some manufacturers in an attempt to deceive the consumer list sugars individually instead of being the first item on the ingredient list.

A wise choice would be to select unprocessed foods such as an apple or steel-cut oatmeal for improved health.

Caramel Color in Soda Poses Cancer Risk

Caramel coloring is what makes soda look like, well soda. It is also a carcinogen. A recent Consumer Reportscompiled by scientists at John Hopkins Center for a Livable Future warns that people who consume soda that contains caramel coloring are placing themselves at an increased cancer risk.
Caramel coloring does nothing for the flavor of the soda, it’s simply an additive that changes the color of the product, supposedly to make it more eye-appealing to the consumer. The known carcinogen in caramel coloring, 4-methylimidazole (4-MEI), has been studied and warned against since 2013. There are currently no limits or regulations on the use of 4-methylimidazole in food or beverages, but the Food and Drug Administration has now been petitioned by Consumer Reports to set limits on how much of this potential lethal caramel coloring a product can contain.
Haidar Barbouti has read that, with one-half of the population drinking at least one can of soda each day, limiting the amount of the caramel colored carcinogen makes sense when viewed in terms of the lives that may be saved. Consumers are being exposed to an increased risk of cancer for no other reason than making a beverage look pretty.

A Drink instead of An Apple May Keep the Doctor Away

There’s the old cliché, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but according to a recently published study appearing in the European Heart Journal, “a cocktail a day, may lower risk of heart failure” could prove true.

In the study of 14,629 participants, with an average age of 54, that were monitored for nearly a quarter of a century, a conclusion was drawn that there is a lower risk of heart failure in individuals that consume alcohol in moderation as opposed to those that were chronic drinkers or those that did not drink alcohol at all. People at Rocketfuel have read that, of the participants of the group monitored, 2508 individuals experienced heart failure.

In comparison to individuals that did not drink alcohol, gentlemen that consumed at least one drink daily, of either 12 ounces of beer, a shot of liquor or glass of wine, registered a 20% reduction in the risk of heart failure, while women, experienced a 16% reduction.

Dr. Scott D. Solomon, senior author of the study and professor of medicine at Harvard contends that the findings of the study were not a valid reason to start drinking or consume more alcohol.

“People who drink a little bit, up to moderately, may derive some protective benefit, especially men,” he said. “But once you get above one drink a day for women or two for men, your risk of other types of problems goes up.”

Exercise Boosts Brain Power

Exercise is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our physical health. Regular exercise helps us lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight, builds strong bones and muscles and helps stave off or control certain diseases, like diabetes. But did you know that regular exercise also helps boost brain power?  Ray Lane has been talking about that on Twitter, and some people have been pretty surprised.

You may have heard that exercise helps keep cognitive skills sharp as we age and prevent the onset of age-related mental decline, however, a new study shows that regular exercise improve brain function at any age.

Liana Machado, Ph.D., Department of Psychology Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago in New Zealand, conducted the study and was surprised to discover that there is room in the brain for improvement even at the age when the brain was thought to be at its peak capacity.

The primary reason for increased brain function due to exercise is the intake of more oxygen. The heavy breathing that comes along with physical exertion increases the amount of oxygen that the brain receives and that extra oxygen boosts brain power at any age.

The Variety of QNet and it’s Many Products

Direct Selling With Variety
QNet ltd. was once known as QuestNet, GoldQuest, and Ql Limited. Variety and selling do seem to go together with this company. The products that QNet sells include the following items:
*Fashion accessories
*Weight management
*Personal care
*Home care
This is a variety based company that does promote items on its websites. This is a global direct selling company. QNet offers the variety of items to the best suited business. The right products to the right business. This is direct selling at its finest.

Enriching Lives Worldwide
QNet is really doing their part to enrich the lives of people worldwide. They are encouraging people of every age, gender, race, and socio-economic status since 1998. This is being done by the framework and the tools that QNet provides. These tools give many individuals to increase their standard of living and this enriches the lives that are touched. Professional trainers are available to offer many good tools. These include:
*Networking seminars
*Product training
*Business training
*Exhibitions and events around the world
QNet enriches lives because they are committed to success.

A Compensation Plan Offered
There are many ways that can the community can be compensated. This is the universal community. The distributors are highly valued. There are actual plans that encourage rewards. The way to compensation includes:
*Repeat sales points
*Retail profit
*First purchase profit
*Rank advancement bonus
*Travel incentives
*Year-round rewards
*Early payout
*Step commission
This proves to be a highly effective method of distribution-relationship marketing. The compensation just can not be beat.

Highly Professional
QNet only has the highest marketing standards. This is professional business standards. Professionalism is a core value for QNet. There is an advisory team at QNet. This team does consist of legal professionals as well as direct selling professionals.

Success Stories
There are numerous success stories from individuals all around the world. The testimonials include those who believe the secrets to success have been unveiled through QNet. There are those who claim that QNet is a journey with a positive destination. This provides a grand opportunity to escape the 9 to 5 job and offers many opportunities all around the world are success stories that are waiting to be told.